Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Coupons Lounge is designed and owned by our company named SEO Experts Lounge. It is our project and we are responsible for each clause of its Privacy Policy (or policy). The website is owned by us and the conditions and things mentioned in this Privacy Policy are subjected to be applied on the website of Coupons Lounge and other websites associated to it.

Here we will describe how, why and what type of data and information is collected, use and forwarded to other websites (third party associates).

Data Collection:

We are liable to collect your personal, private data, transaction info and contact details through various sources. Some of them are provided to us by yourself and some are automatically collected and stored from your browser into our records.

The reason we get such type of data from you (our consumers or customers or users) is here for further details to clarify the purpose.

Direct Provision Of Data:

While using our website, the user or customer provides us some basic information including their name, contact number, email address, postal address, user ID and password. You have to submit these things on the website to continue with the services of Coupons Lounge.

Data Which We Gather Indirectly:

There is some sort of data that is not provided by the user but our systems have access to it when anybody uses our website to avail the services we are offering them. When you visit our website, buy products from associated brands using our Coupons and Discount Vouchers we are capable to collect information like what stores, or products you often prefer, the time you spent on different pages and the type of deals or coupons you are used to get. These info helps to keep ourselves updated of the customers’ choice and actions.


Similarly, whenever you open our website from your PC, laptop or smartphone we also accept and store cookies from our visitor’s browser to give him a personalized, user-oriented experience. This is to improvise the website content, making it more helpful according to the user interests.

Use of Your Personal Data:

Now if we come to the uses of customer’s data there can be certain reasons of it.


  • We keep following your location to build a statistics from our buyers’ community.
  • Your contact info helps to stay in touch with you and keeps you up to date regarding our services, new offers or other announcements timely.
  • The transaction methods you prefer enable us to know what is more convenient for our user and how we can serve them better.

Do We Share Your Personal Information?

Your privacy and security is equally important to us and we don’t do things that can possibly harm it. We only share your information when it is for a business promotion otherwise your private data can be directly exposed to the website you are buying from and it will be treated as per their own Privacy Policy.

Change in Privacy Policy:

We, SEO EXPERTS LOUNGE as the owner of this project has authority to make amendments in the current Privacy Policy or omit any statement or replace it with a new one.

It is a humble request to frequently review the Privacy Policy page before making new purchase.