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The website of Coupons Lounge is owned and operated by us, SEO Experts Lounge so throughout the web pages (“website” , “sites”) wherever you come across with the terms “we” , “us” , “our” , “ours” all are referring to the company SEO Experts Lounge or out project Coupons Lounge and also to the services we are offering you. “You” is the user, customer, visitor or viewer who is visiting our website in order to get the services we do offer them. By continuing to the use of those services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions you are bound to strictly adapt and follow them to comply with the rules and regulations.

As long as you start using our services (discount offers, deals and vouchers) we will assume that your okay with these Terms (Terms and Conditions to be mentioned hereunder) and will respect the limitations and obligations properly.

If you are not satisfied or do not want to take the services under these Terms and Conditions you may leave or drop the website of Coupons Lounge without doing anything (any purchase via our Coupons).



As thereby mentioned in our Privacy Policy (https://www.couponslounge.com/privacy-policy/ ) that we would have gained the authority to access, store and use the cookies of one who is visiting and/or using the services from Coupons Lounge so when you agree to our Terms and Conditions (along with the Privacy Policy) we are eligible to utilize your cookies either for your personal benefit that is maintaining our website in a way that you want or look for and to improve our website structure and content in order to provide the users not good but a better experience.

Rights Reserved:

The content, deals, coupon codes and vouchers display or available on our website or links made you reached there are not allow to steal, republish, reproduce, sell or redistribute illegally without any consents as we have the authority to claim property rights for such intolerable actions.

Everything that is presented on the website has our ownership and considered as an intellectual property to Coupons Lounge. If we found things inappropriate or against the agreement (Terms and Conditions) we shall continue towards legal action against that person and/or organization.

Cancellation Right/Authority:

Any Promotions, Deals, Discount Offers (other than or excluding the Coupon Codes and Vouchers) can be cancelled or withdraw without any prior information or announcement. The limited time offers already have the dates mentioned with them and the expiry of Coupons can also be found and/or those expired coupons will be removed from the website.


As the website contains links, contents, information, products or services from other websites and we are not responsible for the liability, or validation of those services or products. Whatever will be at your disposal by visiting or using such kind of information is solely depended on you. We would not likely be there to take the responsibility as it has been already stated to you.